"After playing our show at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for over a year, SLIDE provided us with a venue in our hometown of San Francisco
where we could bring our live approach to the nightclub environment. After moving from Nashville, TN and being introduced to San Francisco
night life, I was always looking for a way to bring my music to nightclubs where I saw DJ's playing through amazing sound systems in
such dynamic spaces. After teaming with DJ Solomon and Dave Kim and lacing my songs with Hip Hop / House / Electro beats, my singer
songwriter guitar driven catalogue now fit nicely into a room such as San Francisco's premiere nightclub SLIDE where people are dancing non-
stop and listening to my interpretation of today's hits mashed with songs inked from my own pen." ~ Chris Clouse

"A musical union between a live musician and a DJ to create a totally unique and original sound which transcends modern nightclub entertainment.
" From the Super clubs of Vegas to the ultra-lounges of Miami and Los Angeles, Chris and Solomon are
finally bringing their signature sound back to their hometown of San Francisco, for a weekly performance like no other.

Table reservations are recommended please call 415.421.1916 - Dress code enforced - Directions